We’re only here because she makes us come


With our subordination to Quizmistress Tracy (who was, as promised, attired for her last night in saucy leather and toting a whip) declared so boldy in our team name, there was never any doubt that we’d win Best Team Name and a pitcher of Murphy’s as black as her bustiere. But the outcome of the quiz was never so certain as we seesawed our way through a nailbiter of a match.

With a measly 16 at the end of the first third, three points behind first place, we thought we were dead on arrival. But no other team got 12/12 in the movie sequel name matching round (kudos to Chris for remembering “Leonard Part 6”), after which we were tied for first — the biggest, if not the only, matching-round turnaround that this reporter has ever seen. And we picked up another point in the “Candy” theme round, moving unaccompanied into the lead.

But our luck did not hold in the picture round. Conrad allowed me to talk him out of correctly identifying a young Hitler; a pack of celebrities pretended to be other celebrities; we fell behind by a point. It was poor preparation for an especially tough final round, one in which at least two questions weren’t correctly answered by any team at all. We pulled down a measly 11/20. But when the dust had settled all the other teams had done even worse, and we took first place with a measly total of 51!

Penny, Hannah, Kai, Yuan and his friend Stephanie made up the rest of the team. While many team members scored valuable assists, Conrad was the clear MVP, not only having contributed the full story on Lillehammer for a total of three points in the final round but having also had several right answers which we did not write down, among them Hitler and first-Beatle-with-a-#1-single George Harrison. What’s more, though the Hitler answer won Conrad absolute veto power over the rest of us for the entire final round, he benevolently declined to use it, leaving us not knowing just whom to submit to.

Yes, that is a $30 gift certificate in my pocket, and I’ll be glad to see you next week!


One Response to “We’re only here because she makes us come”

  1. katya Says:

    I wrote the “Candy” questions as well as the movie sequel matching round. (Congrats to your friend for remembering Leonard Part 6. I think it was the bonus and had to do with the plot of the movie. That was a hard one.)

    I saw a couple other themes go by that I wrote, but I can’t remember them now. One was “Tiny Countries of Europe” or “World’s Smallest Countries” or something like that.

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