Best team name ever


No, not us (The Emperor’s 5000 Club, a victim, I think, of the newbie team-namer urge to tinker). Last night we had the honor of beating the team with the best name, not just among the dozen or so teams in the bar who referenced Eliot Spitzer (nearly every one did), but EVER: Spitzer Swallows.

A strange confluence of absences and presences resulted in a more Franken team than usual: Charlie and friend Todd, my colleagues Mike and Laura from Nile and Eduard from the Ukraine, and I.

Though a strong group, we had to work for our win. We started out a point out of first thanks to someone else winning the web giveaway. We then experienced the 14-car pileup of the Formula One Racing Flags Matching Round. Remember: a black flag with an orange disc represents, not any of the other half-dozen hazards that have their own Formula One flags, but an actual picture of the fire in your tailpipe to put out which the flag is ordering you back to your pit NOW. We missed plenty, but so did everyone. After a round of movie questions and the picture round, both mostly carried by Charlie, we’d worked our way to a one-point lead, and we held on to it to the end, taking the gold with 60 points.

Charlie wins the coveted Most Vuong Player award not just for his usual outstanding performance, but for dancing like a delighted schoolgirl after every correct answer.



One Response to “Best team name ever”

  1. spent Says:

    I agree it’s a good name though I’m not as convinced that it is the best name ever. Team names should be current and clever, with extra points for a suggestion of, yet plausibly deniable, naughtiness. “Spitzer Swallows” meets and exceeds those requirements.

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