Clash of the Titans


There’s always a reason to celebrate at the Chieftain. This week it was more birthdays: Tracy’s and (coming soon) Mulan’s. Following what is becoming a pub quiz tradition of outside food, Tracy packed in her own celebration of cupcakes and the long-awaited Hires fry sauce. (No, the fry sauce does not go on the cupcakes.) Tracy also graciously submitted to a shot of Jameson’s (with Tanya’s help).

Adi, Scott, Hannah, Chris, Jeff [!], Troyer [!!], Kathleen [!!!] and I rounded out the celebrants. Spilling out of our corner booth onto an annexed table even as we discussed “Man With the Golden Gun”, we were, in Tracy’s mind and on paper, the Knights of the L-Shaped Nipple.

Not neglecting our quizly duties, we battled hard all night for our victory. We spent the first four rounds one point behind another large team, clawing vainly for the lead in a easy quiz that offered little spread. We finally closed the gap in round five thanks to the Wonder Twins, and pulled ahead by a single point in the last round to take the gold.

Adi’s certificate remains at large; the possibility of a double-subsidy night remains before us.



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