A few sandwiches short of a picnic


Musical sandwiches, that is. After clawing our way over the first four rounds into a three-way tie for first, our Wonder Triplet-less team imploded in the music round, scoring only two points and dropping like a stone to fifth place. Tanya and Scott arrived from the new Stones film moments after we handed in, just in time to hear the bad news. We finished the evening holding 54 points and the shameful bronze, three points behind a tie for first.

Competition for Most Vuong Player was fierce. Although Hannah very impressively recognized both a young Pat Buchanan and Oksana Baiul in the picture round, bringing us to that three-way tie, Ryan took the laurel by correctly answering the free-pint question (what country has a 100,000% rate of inflation?) several rounds after he left. (He’d suggested something to do with Zimbabwe for a team name.) No less than two of us won on that answer, one a beer and one a hat.

Perhaps in imitation of the night’s other near misses, your reporter finds himself without any notes about the full roster or our team name. Anyone in possession of last week’s team name is asked to turn it in. As usual in this game, your satisfaction at having remembered it despite the haze of beer will be your reward.

Our only consolation? Stan says the other teams hate us because we win too much. Now that they’re off their guard, let’s kick ’em in the back.


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