It is our choices, Carissa, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities


There is nothing new under the sun, said the prophet, but how about in a darkened bar? Long-time observers of the Chieftain scene might have been forgiven, these past few weeks, for thinking that something different was in the air, and not just lingering VOCs from the Cosco Busan. For another week, the team once known as the Evil David Hasselhoffs threw aside tradition, shaking off the twin curses of the large team and the sixth round to wind up a night-long nailbiter with a decisive last-round win against 1000 Monkeys Typing.

Honoring fallen gun nut Charlton Heston, this week we (Hannah, Chris, Colby, Matt, Scott, Tanya, Kai, Adi, Carissa and I) DBA Cold Dead Hands. [Thanks, Mike!] Though we didn’t choose the name for Carissa, it called her out of the night as from an open grave, just in time to drive a stake, or perhaps a Slytherin house pin, into the heart of the Harry Potter theme round — with considerable help from closet Potter fan Colby, who knows exactly how Dementors do do what they do so well.

After dropping Harry Potter, we were two points out of first place, having shaken off the rest of the competition but still trailing 1000 Monkeys. We closed the spread by a point in the picture round and by another in the music round to even the field. Teams of yore might have choked in the clutch, but not this crew — while the Monkeys eeeked out only twelve points, we pulled down sixteen, scooping up the gold with margin to spare.

Archivist Hannah reminds us for the record that last week we called ourselves the Leftover Beer Drinkers (as the Chieftain was down to only those beers of which they’d bought too much for St. Patrick’s Day), and that besides the various heroes mentioned in the account, we were also joined by Rachael and Eric.


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