This pub ain’t big enough for both of us


It was another tense night at the Chiefain as our budding rivalry with the Seal Cub Clubbers’ Club (last week’s 1000 Monkeys) continued. Though Stan insisted his natty sport coat wasn’t for us, we know it really was.

Chris, Hannah, Kai, Carissa, Scott, Tanya, Kelly[!!] and I made up the team. After a fiercely partisan debate, The IRS Can Kiss My Ass was elected team name.

We came out strong with a perfect score and a bonus, but dropped two points back in the matching round of celebrity nude scenes. The one-two combination of Scott and Kai not only kept us in the game in the sports theme round, but brought us back up to a three-way tie. We thought we’d gotten seven; we were about to attribute our eight-point score to Stan’s desire to say “three-way” when we realized it was Kai’s vast knowledge of Steffi Graf’s Golden Slam that had gotten us a bonus point.

We held steady in the photo round (9 points), but another competitor dropped away, leaving us face to face with the Clubbers. After the Wonder Twins unleashed their wet, wild powers in the music round we pulled ahead by a point, 47-46, but it was still anyone’s quiz. Sidewise glances flew in both directions after every question as each team tried to figure out whether the other would score. Our faces fell as we realized we’d gotten only 12/20 points, but so had the Clubbers. We’d held on to our lead, and that was good

This week’s outside food: Scott’s burger and chili-cheese fries from Carl’s Jr. Now that’s chutzpah!


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