Dewey Beats Truman!


For Tuesday’s quiz Chris, Kai and I were The Projected Winners, with 16.7% of the Results In. That was for the first round; we increased the percentage after each round. All that investment in team name technology paid off in some laughs from the competition, but not in a victory: although we managed to stay within shooting distance of first place in the first half, we dropped back rapidly in late rounds to finish ten points out of first with the not-bad-at-all “Best Small Team” prize of a pitcher of Czechvar.

The theme rounds were “Songs from the ’90s with ‘Kiss’ in the Title” and “Celebrity Lesbians”.


3 Responses to “Dewey Beats Truman!”

  1. katya Says:

    I was one of the testers for the treasure hunt you ran in SF some months ago. We thought it was awesome so I was looking at your website seeing if there was more info on a treasure hunt soon, when I saw this link to your pub quiz blog. Awesome.

    I love pub quizzes but rarely go to them any more. 2003-2004 we played at the Chieftain’s several times. I remember our stiffest competition was a team from the SF Chron (you guys?).

    Anyway, I stopped pub trivia after that but then started writing questions for Brainstormer for a few years. I wrote the Celebrity Lesbian round. That’s awesome it’s being used. Do you remember any particular questions from that round? I just looked up my questions – there was one about Marge’s sister, Melissa Etheridge’s baby’s father, and one related to Arrested Development, among others.

  2. Dave Schweisguth Says:

    Hi Katya!

    We haven’t been posting to this blog lately, but we’re still going to pub quiz. I’m afraid I don’t recall any specific celebrity lesbians any more, but I do recall some of the team members taking a special delight in the topic.

    We’ve been going since 2002, but we’re not from the Chron. The usual winners in 2003-2004 were the Diggers (also not from the Chron), mentioned plenty of times in this blog.

    Glad you liked the hunt. I won’t be doing one until after the big event of the year, the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt. See you there!

  3. katya Says:

    “Celebrity Lesbians” was a topic I’d wanted to write trivia questions about for 10 years. A friend and I would try to name famous lesbians for fun.

    We’re doing the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt again, too. I’ll look for your beagle there.

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