A League Of Our Own


This week, let’s let Khai say it in numbers:

Here are the scores from last night’s exciting quiz. (made better for us winning)

R1: 10/10 (-1)
R2: 12/13 (-1)
R3:  9/10 (TIE)
R4:  8/10 (+1)
R5: 10/11 (+2)
R6: 18/20 (TIE)

That’s a stratospheric final score of 67, folks. The Chieftain was packed and the competition was tough in this first week of league play. We fought our way from a lag to a lead by round 5, but the opposition got a perfect 20/20 in round six to tie the game. For a change we won the tiebreaker when we needed to, coming closest, with our answer of 11, to the correct number of rings which Uranus is now known to have.

Stan must have known, when at one point he described us as “possibly the most winning team in the Chieftain”, that it would show up online. Perhaps it was just Google bait. Oops.

Tanya, Colby, Erin, Kai, Ryan, Chris, Scott, Adi and I made up the team, with a brief cameo by Hannah. Though we started out as Operation Chaos, our name mysteriously Adified to The Evil David Hasselhoffs before the first scores were read. Seems like someone was emboldened by a heroic number of Malibu and cokes.


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