The League of Extraordinary Comebacks


Stan read the final score. The Chieftain fell silent for a moment. We exploded into laughter. The uproar of our delight and relief didn’t quite cover the sound of every other jaw in the room hitting the floor. The Evil David Hasselhoffs had accomplished the most devastating comeback in Chieftain quiz history.

Let the numbers tell the story:

R1: 10/10 (5-way tie)
R2: 7/12 (-5)
R3: 9/10 (-5)
R4: 9/10 (-5)
R5: 7/ 8 (-3)
R6: 23/23 (+8 — Next closest score was 12)

After an easy first round ending in a five-way tie, we completely lost it in the matching round of names of couples in novels, dropping back by five points. We ran as fast as we could only to stay in place for the next two rounds.

It couldn’t be a good omen that the music round, on which we depend these days to atone for any sins we might have committed in the first four rounds, was truncated due to technical difficulties. We closed the gap to three points (and confirmed that the answer to question 1 was Led Zeppelin, which has extreme personal significance to Tanya and Scott), but that was still a long way in a crowded field.

But the stars aligned; while we aced the 23-point last round, the next highest score was an anemic 12 points. In a single round, we’d gone from three points out of first place to victory with an eight-point lead, and a respectable final score of 65.

Speaking of comebacks, Tuesday also enjoyed the first appearances of both Valerie and Ken at pub quiz in far too long a time. Ryan, Kai, Scott, Tanya, Colby, Chris, Adi and I made up the rest of the team. MVP goes to Scott, with an assist from Adi, for naming all five of the boxers who defeated Muhummad Ali, at one point each.


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