The Three Eye-for-an-Eye League


Heroes are born of adversity. Though we barely pulled off Tuesday’s hat trick victory, we did it with the come-from-behind style that fans the hate in the hearts of our enemies. In a close game, every point is the point that won the game; everyone will have a story to tell their grandchildren.

Kai: Adited our guess at the date of the Hindenburg disaster from 1936 to 1937 at the last moment, starting the climb up from the basement that culminated in passing the last of the opposition.

Me, with an assist from Kai: Slowly and painfully extracted the names of the vitamin B’s from my deepest subconscious until the one we needed, B-3, niacin, finally emerged.

MVP Adi: Nailed heavyweights Larry Holmes and Jim Morrison.

By the numbers:

R1:  8/10 (-3)
R2: 10/12 (-2)
R3:  9/11 (-3)
R4:  9/10 (-2)
R5:  8/10 (-1)
R6: 14/20 (+1-Highest score of the round)

First place: 58 Second place: 57 Third place: 53

Also making up Tuesday’s incarnation of the Evil David Hasselhoffs were Chris, Tanya, Scott, and Sol.

I and, I believe, Chris will be out this Tuesday (the 27th). Hoping for some awesome ringers to keep the streak going. See you all in two weeks.


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