One ring to bring them all


Tanya assembled a huge team of pub quiz cronies for a field trip to the west side of San Francisco on Sunday: Chris, Hannah, Kyle, Tim, Adi [!], Charlie, Maureen, Carissa, Amy, Stan, Penny and I and at least another person or two that I’m sorry to have missed. We spread across several pews at the Presido Interfaith Chapel and, after halftime, several tables at Adath Israel. But though she had a vast supporting cast, it was Tanya’s show all the way, and her MVP performance more than earned her the giant first-place price: new husband Richard!

Tanya single-handedly bought us an early lead; while Adi, Chris and I could do nothing more than gape dazedly at the marriage contract (not only was it in Hebrew, the men all had a few toasts before the ceremony), Tanya ran circles around MC Goodman’s Hebrew round. In fact, she ran circles around Richard.

With glasses of prosecco and Israeli Petit Syrah in hand, the rest of us rallied at Adath Israel and pitched in here and there. I aced the short but difficult Random Questions that Charlie Tossed Out round. Despite a little confusion about who was going to get to be Wonder Twins with whom now, we easily polished off the DJ’s music round, and the team’s game all-hands peformance got us through the Traditional Festive Jewish Dances round without too much damage.

But Tanya owned the handout round, because she’d overseen the entire menu. While the rest of us didn’t even realize there was no dairy until we noticed there was only soy milk for the coffee, Tanya had already fed Richard a slice of mango spice wedding cake for double points. As long as they both shall live.

There was some talk of getting together for a quiz in the East Bay early next year. We’ll look forward to it, but it’ll be hard to top Sunday’s event. It’ll be especially hard to top Richard. Have we mentioned just how tall that guy is?

Mazel tov!

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