Pub Quiz Team Names – 2004

Ooops!: Britney’s Ex-Husbands 1/6/04
The Megacryometeors 1/13/04
Hairy Ocean Fruit 1/20/04
Things in the Ground 1/27/04
PowerGen Italia 2/3/04
Frank’s Back … Hair 2/10/04
Dr. Dean’s Senior Campaign Staff 2/17/04
The Activist Judges 2/24/04
Foregone (or Four Gone) Conclusions 3/2/04
1) Sedna, The Mediocre Bongo Player,
2) My Name is Sedna and I have No Fingers,
3) The Frustrated Sedna’s, and
4) The “Don’t Call Me Thumbs” Sedna’s
The Ashcroft Porn Inspectors 4/13/04
The Frank O’Connor Bail Fund 4/14/04
The Starter Fish 4/21/04
Remember the Chieftain Burger 5/7/2004
We’re Toronto Pentecostalists and We’ve Fallen Down and We Can’t Get Up 5/12/2004

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